Bundaberg Bag Company has a range of stock options available.
We have the following products available on special for discounted prices.

Tree Guards

We have range of tree guards available in the following sizes designed to protect your saplings and young trees while they are vulnerable.

tree guards

Tree Guard Small

  • 350x500mm
  • 2.5% UV treated
  • $20/100 + GST

Tree Guard Large

  • 520x800mm
  • 2.5% UV treated
  • $40/100 + GST

Please visit here for more information regarding these products.


Seconds Woven Bags - Don't Need Our Best?

Our Seconds Will Serve the Purpose.

All sacks are NEW Polypropylene Woven, Lined or Unlined.
These bags have only a small defect such as a print fault, bad weave or size imperfection.

Available for only $40.00 per 100 (+ freight & gst)

Various sizes available

Please let us know the approximate size you require, as well as the intended use, and we can advise what is currently available.

Featured Seconds

Laminated Seconds
Limited Quantity - Gusseted Laminated Seconds
We have a limited batch of high quality laminated bags available at seconds prices.

These bags are brand-new and fully capable, they only have an error in the applied print.
Size: 350+100x660mm

Suitable for fertiliser, potting mix, and many other purposes.


Medium Lined or Laminated Seconds Size: 435x800mm
Colour: Natural Unprinted
Available with a sewn in liner or with lamination
Suitable for fertiliser and manure