Tree Guards

Bundaberg Bag Company has a selection of tree guards made to protect your plants in their establishing years. Newly planted trees face many hurdles in these early stages and as many as 50% don't survive past 2 years. Common problems include:

Tree Guards
Tree Guards
Polyethylene Tree Guards
      • Damaging winds and other environmental factors
      • Damage from sidewalk traffic, cars and bikes
      • Root damage from pets and pests digging and marking around the tree pit
      • chemical drifts poisoning the plant

These obstacles can be overcome by using tree guards to ensure that your plants have the protection they need to grow. Tree guards provide the following benefits for your young trees and saplings:

      • Provide a controlled environment with increased levels of carbon-dioxide and humidity to promote growth
      • Reduces frost and wind stress
      • Protect the plant from pets and pests to prevent them from digging, forging or marking
      • Minimises chances of accidental spraying of herbicides, including herbicidal drift
      • UV stabilisation reduces harmful UV levels

Our tree guards are made from 100 micron polyethylene which has been UV stabilised to make it strong, durable and tear resistant. Our tree guards provide a low cost form of protection and can be re-used making them environmentally friendly.

Installation requires 3 bamboo stakes to support and shape the tree guard.

Available Sizes:
Small: 350mm x 500mm (250/box)
Large: 520mm x 800mm (100/box)

Minimum order quantity 50
Bulk pricing available on request