Soil Sample Bags

Soil sample bags are perfect for transporting rough core samples or large rock samples. The bags are suitable for moving samples from one location to another.

Ideal for:
Soil Samples
Sand Bags

Our Soil Sample Bags with Fill Line marking are circular woven seamless polypropylene sacks with outer lamination, which gives the Soil Sample Bags Extra Strength and helps retain any fine sand and soil.

Soil Sample Bags are UV Treated so they can be used in outdoor operations.

With a Heat Cut Top the Soil Sample Bags can be cut to any length to suit various soil sample materials.
Printing with your own logo is also available (min order 500 bags).

Soil Sample Bags are Pre-Printed with FILL LINE so that the bag is not overfilled

A Side Tie positioned about the FILL LINE makes for Easy Closing

Also available are our Mining Geo Sample Bags (Green Tint).

These see-through bags are made of Heavy Duty 150 Micron Low Density PolyEthylene and are UV treated and puncture resistant.
They are designed as ideal for collecting soil and rock samples for surveying and testing purposes.
In addition, they are suitable for the packaging and storage of any product that requires a strong waterproof bag.

With their thick extruded LDPE film and heat-sealed base, these bags are able to take on rock samples that would tear other bags.

Available in various sizes from 300x460mm up to 600x900mm, our Mining Geo Sample Bags are ideal for all your rock and soil sample needs.

Ideal for:

Soil Samples
Garden Products