Silt Fencing

Silt Fencing

Silt fencing is a temporary sediment barrier used on construction sites. Designed to retain sediment while still allowing drainage silt fencing is a simple, low cost yet effective measure. Skirting exposed soils and bordering construction sites silt fencing is used to prevent contamination.

Silt fencing is excellent for silt control on job sites, construction sites and other areas where silt or sediment is being disturbed.

Benefits of silt fencing
Contains silt on the construction site
Limits water pollution
Helps prevent erosion
Controls sediment
Filters runoff water leaving the site

Silt Fencing Polypropylene Woven

Great for use as a perimeter boundary, sediment control or silt containment, our silt fencing is place around sites to help prevent erosion and control water flow on your site.

Silt fencing is made from high quality, heavy duty woven fabric making it strong and durable.
Meeting Australian standards our silt fencing features 3% UV treatment for increased life expectancy as well as having reinforced selvedges.

Size: 87cm x 100m rolls
Weight: 90gsm
Colour: Green/Black

Suitable for: Light Civil, Soil Erosion, Construction Sites, Temporary Fencing

100m rolls means you can cut to desired length during installation

Available for purchase as individual rolls or bulk buy per pallet of 20+