Laminated Sacks

Laminated Sacks are circular woven seamless polypropylene sacks with an outer lamination layer of extruded PP Film. This combines the strength of polypropylene woven sacks with fine particle retention and reduced moisture entry.

The Laminated Sacks we offer are available in different sizes & can be cut to any length with a Heat Cut Top.
All of our Laminated Sacks are UV treated so will not break down quickly like non-UV bags.

Due to their smooth flat finish our Laminated Sacks breeze through automatic bagging lines and are therefore perfect for very large orders.

Gloss Laminated Sacks have a tough shiny finish and are ideal for Soil Samples, rice, salt, laundry powder, turf and soil fertilizer as well as silica sand.

Matt Laminated Sacks have a smooth matt finish. These sacks print beautifully and are perfect for those customers that require fine detail printed on their bags. We offer up to 3 colour front and back printing. PMS colours can be matched and barcode printing is available. These bags are suitable for fertilizer, stockfeed, laundry powder, chemicals, potting mix and mulch.

Your Laminated Sacks can be custom made to suit your requirements. Estimated lead time from signed artwork to dispatch is approximately 2 weeks.


Laminated Sacks are ideal for:
Laundry Powder
Silica Sand
Potting Mix
Soil Samples

Popular Sizes Include:

350x650mm perfect for silica sand and salt
360x600mm perfect for salt and fine sands
460x640mm perfect for soil samples
460x760mm perfect for laundry powder and chemicals
510x640mm perfect for larger soil samples
370+140x760mm perfect for fertiliser and laundry powder
370+140x830mm perfect for fertiliser
435+175x1000mm perfect for fertiliser and mulch


Laminated Bags are available for purchase unprinted per 100 or bulk purchase of 1000 bags.

Printing is available with a minimum print run of 500 bags.

If you don't see the size that you want, please give us a call as we stock many different widths of material that can be custom cut to length & printed for you.