Sacks BOPP Laminated Woven Polypropylene

Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene (BOPP) are a PREMIUM QUALITY, TOP OF THE RANGE sack

BOPP Laminated Sacks are printed in either High Gloss or Matt Finish Gravure (Front, Back & Gussets)

BOPP Laminated Sacks are manufactured by laminating the BOPP Film onto Polypropylene Woven Fabric The print is between the BOPP Film and the PP Fabric which prevents rubbing or scuffing, ensuring high quality print presentation for the life of the sack

This high quality printing on BOPP Laminated Sacks enables the use of Photographic Images, Corporate Colours & Design

BOPP Laminated Sacks provide a very attractive bag option while maintaining all the Strength of the traditional Woven Polypropylene Sack

Manufactured to meet your requirements BOPP Laminated Sacks offer that extra Marketing Edge

Fully printed overseas BOPP Laminated Sacks have a 12 weeks lead time for new orders