Rag Bags

Bundaberg Bag Company supply Woven Polypropylene Bags for Rag Bags throughout Australia.
We print Rag Bags for many charity shops and family stores and also stock large quantities of unprinted Rag Bags for urgent orders.

Made from Circular Woven Seamless Polypropylene our Rag Bags are strong & durable.

Our Rag Bags are available UV Treated or for a more economical option Non UV Treated.

We offer printing on your Rag Bags, so send us through your artwork & we will provide you with a quote.

Woven Polypropylene Bags are re-usable and we can print "return this bag" on them to encourage your customers to recycle.

Popular Sizes Include:

460x710mm white or yellow
610x1015mm white or yellow
435+175x1000mm white or yellow

If the size you require is not listed above, please contact us and we can manufacture a measure made bag for you.

Bags are available for purchase per 100 or in bulk per 1000. Minimum print run of 500 bags applies.

Mesh Bag (Shade Cloth)

Bundaberg Bag Company manufactures Mesh Bags from quality shade cloth on site.
Mesh Bags are useful solution for gathering cans and bottles for recycling, as a beach cleanup bag, or as a bag for rags. Liquids are not retained by Mesh Bags, so open containers and wet items can drain and dry without leaving a puddle in the bag. These bags can be hosed clean and line dried for reuse multiple times.
These Mesh Bags are made from UV Stabilised HDPE material; as a result they are strong, durable and resistant to tearing and rotting. Mesh Bags include a draw string so it is quick and easy to close and open the bag multiple times, making it ideal for use on the move.

Mesh Bags are suitable for use by schools and clubs as well as at home. When the bag is full of refundable containers, take it to your nearest collection depot for a refund on your bottles and cans.

Mesh Bags measure 600x900mm and include a Draw String

Customers can purchase Mesh Bags individually or in a pack of 10 by phoning or emailing us today.

  • 50% UV block protect your Mesh Bags
  • Made from UV stabilized HDPE for strength
  • Non-shrink heat set fabric
  • Easy to hose clean for reuse
  • Can be made to measure