Plastic Bags and Liners

Our Clear Plastic Bags are made from Food Grade Approved Low Density Polyethylene

Plastic Bags are ideal for packaging a wide range of goods from small passports to larger raw materials
Using our Plastic Bags your products will be protected from dust & dirt and have a degree of water proofing
Plastic Bags can be heat sealed, stapled, taped or tied depending on the requirements of your product
Different gauges of Plastic Bags are available to suit various products
Our Plastic Bags are Food Safe
Plastic Bags can be Custom-Made to suit your requirements

Ideal for:

Passport Bags
Show bags
Lick Blocks
Brochure Bags
Raw Materials

Stock Sizes

We have plastic bags and liners in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. The following table shows some of our more commonly available sizes and thicknesses.

Width (mm)Height (mm)Thickness (μm)Colour
100 (self sealing)15040Clear
125 (self sealing)20540Clear
200 (self sealing)25040Clear
200 (self sealing)25075Clear
300460150Pale Green
400600150Pale Green
450750150Pale Green
600900150Pale Green

Printed Plastic Bags and Liners

Bundaberg Bag Company can offer printed plastic bags using your own design. These bags are perfect for product identification, safety instructions, or company logos.

Made with food safe low density polyethylene, these bags fit many applications from kindling to landscaping.

Products will be protected from dust and dirt, as well as having a degree of waterproofing thanks to the extruded plastic film and heat-sealed base.

These bags can be custom made to suit your application. After filling they can be sewn or sealed closed.

Contact us for a free quote and we will advise the minimum order quantity based on the size, micron, and print you require.