Garden Bags for Sale

Garden Bags

Garden bags, also known as wool packs, are great for collecting large amounts of garden waste. These bags have been UV treated to make sure they last in Australian conditions. They are great for lawn clippings, leaves and other garden waste keeping your yard tidy. Their superior thickness makes them durable and less likely to be damaged by sharp sticks. These bags are also popular with garden and lawn contractors for storage of grass clippings in between jobs and transport to the tip.

Due to their large size and durability garden bags can also be used for many other projects around the home or at work. e.g. cardboard waste, clothing, recycling paper and aluminium cans

If you are having trouble deciding which bag is most suitable for you, we have compiled some tips about choosing bags. Alternatively, give us a call or complete the contact us form and we will be happy to assist you. We also have quantity discounts available.

Ideal for:
Bow hunting targets
Building materials
Garden waste
General waste
Gutter-vac bags
Lawn clippings
Recycling (rags, cans, paper & metal)

NZ Wool Packs

Size: Base - 70x70cm, Height - 98cm, Flaps - 4x 46cm
Colour: Beige with green stripes
Weight: 180gsm
Features: UV treated woven polypropylene
Suitable for: garden waste, metal recycling, and exporting clothing & rags

HDPE Wool Packs

Size: Base - 70x70cm, Height - 98cm, Flaps - 4x 46cm
Colour: Beige with blue stripes
Weight: 250gsm
Features: UV treated high density polyethylene
Suitable for: garden waste & bow hunting targets

12x12 Light Wool Pack

Size: Base - 72x72cm, Height - 100cm, Flaps - 4x 46cm
Colour: Beige
Weight: 117gsm
Features: UV treated woven polypropylene
Suitable for: recycling paper & cans, and exporting clothing & rags

mini garden bag

Mini Woolpack

Size: Base - 60x60cm, Height - 80cm, Flaps - 4x 40cm
Colour: White
Weight: Heavy duty polypropylene
Features: UV treated heavy duty woven polypropylene
Suitable for: garden waste, glass & aluminium collection, clothes & rags, storage of sports equipment (e.g. balls)

Garden Bag Stand

Garden Bag Stand

Our garden bag stand is made from sturdy aluminium
Easy to to assemble and relocate as required
Designed for all standard garden bags

Assembled: 80x80x90cm

Wool bale fasteners are also available to secure your garden bags to the frame

Bale Fasteners

Bale fasteners are perfect for securing your garden bags to frames or keeping your bags closed once collected. They are Australian made from 3.15mm galvanised wire and feature sharp tips for easy use.

Available in packets of 4, 40 & 100.