Earth Building Materials

Earth building also known as SuperAdobe is an affordable and sustainable way to build homes anywhere in the world. Polypropylene woven tubing or earth bags are filled with damp earth, tampered down and arranged in layers to form a dome. Strands of barbed wire secure each layer while acting as reinforcement. Permanent structures should be rendered over with a mixture of earth and cement to protect the polypropylene from the elements and strengthen the structure. Earth building is a fast and flexible construction method which the whole family can enjoy. Earth building material is used to build Eco Dome houses, retaining walls and for flood & erosion control.
When built correctly Eco Domes are earthquake, fire and flood resistant structures which can be made to suit a single person or a large family.

Earth Building Material Tubing

Earth building material is seamless circular woven polypropylene which is strong & durable with a high UV content.
Our Earth building material can be wound off in 100 metre lengths to suit the size of your structure eg 100 metres, 200 metres etc. or bulk pricing is available for 1000 metre rolls.

Popular Sizes available in Earth bag tubing are:
250mm wide - estimated diameter when filled is 165mm
350mm wide - estimated diameter when filled is 230mm
460mm wide - estimated diameter when filled is 300mm

Earth Building Bags

If you are building the Earth bag structure by yourself you may find it easier to use individual bags as follows:

These bags are available per 100 or bulk pricing is available for 1000 lots.

Ideal for:

Building Eco Dome houses
Retaining Walls
Flood Erosion & Control

We have supplied Earth Building Material all over Australia as well as New Zealand so contact us today for a free quote. Please advise the quantity that you require and your building site address and we will calculate the best freight rate available.