Bulk Bags (FIBCs)

Bulk Bags (FIBCs)

Bulk bags, also known as flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), are large polypropylene woven bags which are capable of holding large quantities of product.

Made from tightly woven UV treated polypropylene our bulk bags are durable and versatile. We have bulk bags which are designed for single use with a safety ratio of 5:1 or multi-use bags with a safety ratio of 6:1. Each product has been designed and tested in accordance with Australian Standard AS3668-1989.

Our bags feature four cross corner lifting straps, allowing you to move your products safely.We have multiple sizes and configurations available to accommodate between 500kg & 2000kg. Please refer to the diagram on the right to decide which option is most suitable for your products. If you are unsure, contact us and as your bulk bag suppliers we will assist you in finding the right solution.

We also have bulk bags which have been designed in accordance with the United Nations certification testing requirements for the transportation of dangerous goods. These bags provide the perfect solution for the bulk transportation and storage of explosives for mining and construction. We can also assist you in getting bulk bags printed to meet the new GHS requirements.We also have available a bulk skip bag which has been factory tested to 3000kg. This bag is perfect for collecting builders rubble on small sites.

Looking for a bag which isn't on the list below, let us know, and as your bulk bag suppliers we can assist you with your requirements.

Ideal for:
Builders rubble
Dangerous goods
Nuts and other food products


"15 years of great service and a top class product - sand bags, material sample bags and bulka bags.
That's why a company like ours keeps coming back. Well done."

- Alan Gibson, Blomfield Excavations

Available sizes

Safe working load: 500kg & 1000kg
Configuration: duffel top/flat bottom

Safe working load: 1000kg, 1250kg & 1500kg
Configurations: duffle top/flat bottom or duffel top/spout bottom
Bulk Builders Bag 90x90x120cm
Safe working load: 1500kg
Configuration: open top/flat bottom 

Safe working load: 1500kg
Configuration: spout top/spout bottom

Safe working load: 1250kg
Configuration: duffel top/spout bottom

Safe working load: 1250kg
Configuration: duffel top/spout bottom

Bulk Skip 150x200x150cm
Safe working load: 3000kg
Configuration: open top/flat bottom



Bulk Bag Stand

Designed for all standard bulk bags

Assembled: 95x95x120cm

Our bulk bag stand is made from sturdy aluminium
Easy to assemble and relocate as required
Stands are shipped in a pack ready to assemble to reduce shipping costs
Lightweight yet strong, these Stands are designed so that they can be folded to the ground once the bag is full. This means you can remove the bag from the Stand without straining to lift the heavy bag.
A set of 4 ties are included to secure your bulk bag to the stand