Bin Liners (Shade Cloth)

Bin Liners (Shade Cloth)

Bundaberg Bag Company manufactures Shade Cloth Bin Liners on site. These Bin Liners are made to perfectly fit your standard 240 Ltr wheelie bins. Therefore Shade Cloth Bin Liners are the ideal solution for lining your bin in preparation for recycling your bottles and cans. Furthermore any fluid remaining in your bottles and cans will not be retained in the Shade Cloth Bin Liner. Also your Bin Liner can be easily hosed clean and line dried for reuse.

Shade Cloth Bin Liners are made from UV Stabilised HDPE material; as a result they are strong, durable and resistant to tearing and rotting.

Shade Cloth Bin Liners are suitable for use in schools and clubs as well as at home. Because the Liner is contained in the wheelie bin your contents remain clean and dry. Finally when the bin is full, remove the Shade Cloth Bin Liner and take to your nearest collection depot for a refund on your bottles and cans.

Customers can purchase Shade Cloth Bin Liners individually or in a pack of 10 by phoning or emailing us today.


  • 50% UV block protects your bins from sun damage
  • Made from UV stabilised HDPE for strength
  • Non-shrink heat set fabric
  • Easy to hose clean for reuse
  • Can be made to fit smaller bins