Bags for Bulk Rock and Core Samples

Polypropylene Woven

Bags for bulk rock and core samples are made from seamless woven polypropylene making them strong, durable and puncture resistant.
Bundaberg Bag Company stock a large range of these bags and have the ability to satisfy urgent orders very quickly.
These poly woven bags are perfect for transporting and storing your mining samples and are designed to carry multiple bagged samples at once.
With standard sizes available in both white and yellow these bags are ideal for bagging your core samples on site.

Common bag sizes

White Non UV Treated

  • 460x710mm
  • 510x890mm
  • 610x1015mm

White UV Treated

  • 350x450mm
  • 360+100x760mm
  • 460x710mm
  • 510x890mm
  • 610x1015mm

Yellow UV Treated

  • 460x710mm
  • 510x890mm
  • 610x1015mm

Made to Measure

Bags for bulk rock and core samples can also be made to measure so if the size you require is not listed above please contact us for a free quote.

Coloured bags for Product Identification

We can offer coloured bags in white, yellow, blue, red, green, pink and orange.
These bags are available 460mm wide, are UV Treated and can be cut to any length. e.g. 460x710mm, 460x900mm


"15 years of great service and a top class product - sand bags, material sample bags and bulka bags.
That's why a company like ours keeps coming back. Well done."

- Alan Gibson, Blomfield Excavations

Heavy Duty Plastic (LDPE)

We also stock green tint heavy duty plastic bags also know as GEO bag. These bags are made from tough 150 micron low density polyethylene. They are UV treated and ideal for mining samples.

Sizes available

  • 300x460mm
  • 400x600mm
  • 450x750mm
  • 600x900mm

Bulk Mining Bag

Bulk mining bags have a duffle top and closed bottom, 900x900x1250mm with a safe working load of 1500kg. The duffle top folds down so that the bag is completely open allowing it be filled by a loader or shovel. Once full the duffle can be folded back over to cover the contents. Other sizes and configurations are available so call us today.

Ideal for:
Bulk Rock and Core Samples
Landscaping Materials
Soil Testing
Raw materials

Fill Line Bag

Fill Line also known as Soil Sample bags are perfect for moving rough core samples from one location to another.

Made from polypropylene woven material with an outside coating of lamination Fill Line bags have added strength and durability.

Available in widths of 460, 510 and 610mm Fill Line bags can be cut to any length to suit your application.

Common sizes

  • 460x640mm
  • 510x640mm

Fill Line bags are preprinted with FILL LINE so that the bags are not over filled and are available with or without a side tie for easy closing.
Talk to us today about getting your logo printed on these bags.