Bag Stands

Bag Stands

We manufacture Bag Stands on site. These Stands are designed to support the garden bag keeping it upright and open for easy filling.
Our Stands are made from good quality aluminium making them sturdy, yet light weight and easy to relocate.
Bag Stands come in a compact kit for ease of transportation along with instructions for assembly. These Stands can be put together on site in minutes.
Available for purchase individually or in a pack complete with a bag & fasteners.
Bulk packs of 10 Bag Stands are also available.

Exta Bale Fasteners can also be purchased to secure the bag to the Stands.

garden bag stand

Garden Bag Stand

Designed for all standard wool packs

Assembled size: 80x80x90cm

Our Garden Bag Stand is made from sturdy aluminium
Easy to assemble and relocate as required
Stands are shipped in a pack ready to assemble to reduce shipping costs
Lightweight yet strong, these Stands are designed so that they can be folded to the ground once the bag is full. This means you can remove the bag from the Stand without straining to lift the heavy bag.



Bale Fasteners

Bale fasteners are perfect for securing your wool packs or bulk bags to a Stand or keeping your bags closed once collected. They are Australian made from 3.15mm galvanised wire and feature sharp tips for easy use.

Available in packets of 4, 40 & 100.
Bulk Bag Stands include a pack of 4 fasteners.