Choosing Bags

Choosing Bags

We have a range of garden bags for sale and would like to offer the following tips to help you in choosing the right one for you. Garden bags is the commonly used and accepted name for wool packs.

HDPE Wool Packs

HDPE Wool Pack

The HDPE wool pack is a great bag for garden use, especially in North Queensland where the UV exposure is higher. This is our heavy duty garden bag as it is made from woven high density polyethylene making it exceedingly durable and suitable for reuse.

Our HDPE wool pack is highly versatile as it is also being used for bow hunting and archery targets, as well as storing nets used for fishing and fruit trees.

NZ Wool Pack

NZ Wool Pack

This garden bag is made from woven polypropylene which has been UV treated. The NZ wool pack is widely used throughout Australia for both gardening and recycling.

Our NZ wool pack has also proven to be very popular in the scrap metal industry. It is also used for storing lane ropes for swimming pools and for exporting clothing.

Wool Pack

Lighter Wool Pack

The light wool pack is made to the same dimensions as our other wool packs but has been made using a lighter woven polypropylene to provide a less expensive version. This bag has been specifically designed lighter products such as cans, paper, clothing & rags.

Our light wool pack is also used by gutter cleaning and insulation businesses.

Please note that these bags are not approved by AWX for use in the wool industry, as these must be made from white nylon.

Still unsure which garden bag would be most suit to your needs? Contact us with your garden bags for sale enquiries and let our friendly team assist you in choosing the right garden bag.

Bundaberg Bag Company also stock garden bag stands and wool bale fasteners, making us your one stop shop!