Buying Tips

Buying from the Bulk Bag Supplier Experts

As suppliers of bulk bags we can assist you with your bulk bag requirements.

Ask yourself the following questions when considering your bulk bag needs:

  • What capacity does the bulk bag need to hold? (eg. 1000kg)
  • What is the bulk density of the product going into the bulk bag?
  • How do I want to fill the bulk bag? (open top, spout top, duffle top)
  • Do I need to empty the bulk bag? (spout bottom, flat bottom)
  • Does the bulk bag need to be carried with a fork lift? (4 lifting loops)
  • Do I want to reuse the bulk bag? (single trip or multi trip)
  • Is the bag required for dangerous goods? (eg. DG approved for ANFO 500kg)
  • Does the bulk bag need to be biodegradable? (eg. for use in wetlands)

Contact us for your bulk bag supplies.