Can't get the sack that you require?

  • Our sacks are Made to Measure. Any size is available from 125mm to 760mm wide and can be cut to any length.

Wide Variety of Weaves Available for Different Specifications

General Purpose

  • 40/40 Weave - 40 tapes to every 100mm square of cloth
  • 45/45 Weave - 45 tapes to every 100mm square of cloth
  • 50/50 Weave - 50 tapes to every 100mm square of cloth

Heavy Duty

  • 55/55 Weave - 55 tapes to every 100mm square of cloth

Need more Protection for your Contents?
Our Sewn in Liner Sack Is for you.

  • Polypropylene Woven Sack with Sewn in Liner

Need to Establish Young Trees?
Our Tree Sleeves are the Answer

  • Polypropylene Woven Sack which Surround the Plant protecting it from Strong Winds and Heavy Rain.
  • Also provides Protection from Animals that may feed on or cause Damage to the young plant.
  • Available in Different Sizes and Colours.

We specialise in supplying sacks for the Explosive Industry

  • Heavy weave with thick micron liners suitable for most lines
  • Diameters range from 80mm upward
  • Tested and approved to carry Dangerous Goods

Having trouble with bags slipping?
Our Anti-Skid is for you

  • An Anti-Skid is applied to provide Stability in Palletising and Transportation

Printing to your Design

  • Front and Back Printing is available to suit Individual Customer Design
  • High Gloss Gravure Printing (Front, Back and Gussets) is available

Want to Stand out from the Crowd?

  • Choose from a variety of Sack Colours.
  • Sacks can be Made to Order in straight or a combination of colours.

Circular Woven Sacks add Strength and Durability

  • As the only Australian Manufacturer of Circular Woven Seamless Polypropylene Sacks, we can offer you a product manufactured to your requirements.
  • With our manufacturing experience we will assist you to make the right choice for your packaging needs.