Sand Bags

Sand Bags

Sand bags are versatile bags made from either durable woven polypropylene or environmentally friendly hessian. They can be used for an array of purposes and packaging solutions, with the added benefit of being compact for easy storage and transportation.

Sand bags are widely know as the ideal solution during serve weather events for minimising the damage of rising water, by placing them in front of doorways and over drains. It is important when using them to prevent water entry that the bag ends are overlapped. It is recommended that sand bags be thoughtfully discarded after coming into contact with flood waters to prevent the spread of bacteria carried in flood waters.

Sand bags are also a great solution for erosion control and earthbag building as the bags are easy to manoeuvre once filled.

Our sand bags are ideal for:
Earthbag building/retaining walls
Erosion control/flood mitigation
Construction/road works
Weight for resistance training
Shooting rifle rests

Hessian Sand Bags

Made from quality hessian material, hessian sand bags are environmentally friendly due to their biodegradable nature.

Size: 355x840mm (14x33 inches)
Weight: 10oz
Colour: natural light brown
Features: side tie for easy closing

Woven Polypropylene Sand Bags

Made from durable woven polypropylene material, these bags are available in multiple configurations to suit your needs.

Size: 250x800mm
Weight: 105gsm
Colour: Green/black
Features: UV treated for increased life expectancy
Heat cut top and side slit for easy filling
Available with side tie for easy closing

Size: 360+100x760mm *Standard Sandbag
Weight: 80gsm
Colour: White
Features: UV treated for increased life expectancy
Hemmed top to prevent fraying

Size: 460x710mm
Weight: 76gsm
Colour: White
Features: Non UV treated
Heat cut top

Size: 360x700mm
Weight: 80gsm
Colour: White or yellow
Features: Sew-in liner to prevent small particles or moisture from escaping
UV treated for increased life expectancy
Hemmed top to prevent fraying