Laminated Sacks

Laminated Sacks are Circular woven Seamless polypropylene Sacks with an outer Lamination Layer of extruded PP Film
Laminated Sacks are available in different sizes & can be cut to any length with a Heat Cut Top
All Laminated Sacks are UV treated so will not break down quickly like non-UV bags

Having a Smooth, Shiny finish these sacks are ideal for Printing so send us through your artwork & we will give you a quote for the printing plates

To prevent your Laminated Sacks from slipping in transit or when palletised we offer a spray on Anti-skid option

Your Laminated Sacks can be custom made to suit your requirements

Ideal for:
Laundry Powder
Potting Mix
Soil Samples

Popular Sizes

1. 350x650mm perfect for silica sand
2. 460x640mm perfect for soil samples
3. 460x760mm perfect for laundry powder and chemicals
4. 510x640mm perfect for soil samples
5. 370+140x760mm perfect for fertiliser and laundry powder
6. 370+140x830mm perfect for fertiliser
7. 435+175x1000mm perfect for fertiliser and mulch

Available for purchase per 100 or bulk purchase 1000
Printing available with a minimum print run of 500